Corporate Excellence Awards 2021/2022

2 mai 2022

Corporate Excellence Awards 2021/2022

Virtual Awards Registration: 

Corporate Excellence Award Registration

The Corporate Excellence Award has selected Quality companies for Best in Class in their country and region since 2007.  The pool of winners grows progressively over time but is above all, seeking to recognize companies with excellent track records in terms of both their historical and current performance. Valuations are NOT taken into account. The award is therefore not aimed at giving an investment recommendation, but rather, to support and promote Quality companies that show consistent growth quantitatively, qualitatively and responsibly over time.  Companies from the MSCI All Country World Index and 13 different Stoxx European country indices were selected to find the best companies according to the CEA methodology. 

Winners in the past include: Partners Group, Rational, Games Workshop and more…

China, United States and Japan represent countries with the largest number of Quality companies in the MSCI All Country World Index. China and USA managed to improve their positions in the Quality TOP 100 from 2021 to 2022, while number of companies represented by Japan and Taiwan declined in TOP 100. Around 94.9% of countries from MSCI ACWI index were represented in Global TOP 100.

Among European companies, the United Kingdom, France and Germany represent the countries with the highest number of quality companies. United Kingdom, France, Germany and Sweden managed to improve their positions in the Quality TOP 100 from 2021 to 2022, while number of companies represented by Switzerland, Denmark and Finland declined in TOP 100.

Virtual Awards Presentation Program- May 19th, 2020 from 9-11am:

09:00: – Introduction General comments to CEA 2021 by Colinne Bartel, relationship manager CEA

09:05: – Corporate Excellence Award Overview & Methodology,

Julia Bistrova, Head of Research, Herens Quality Asset Management

09:15: – Interview of Herens CEO Diego Föllmi by IPEdach Editor in Chief Frank Schnattinger

09:30: – Analyst presentations of CEA Global Award Winners

10:00:- Analyst presentation of Selected CEA European Country Winners

10:55:- Wrap-up of CEA 2021 Awards – Colinne Bartel

Detailed information and past winners can be found here:

Thank you for your interest in Quality companies.  We look forward to your participation.


The Corporate Excellence Award Team

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